EnviroWall™ | The Green Solution for Retaining Walls

In a recent residential retaining wall project, this Washington homeowner created a 4' tall living retaining wall using EnviroWall™ Blocks. The customer had a problem area in their backyard with a large slope and wanted to have a tiered effect to help mitigate runoff water rushing towards their house. With the help of our EnviroWall Block, they were able to easily complete a DIY project without the help of contractors and heavy machinery. Our blocks weigh a total of 3 lbs, and provide coverage of 1 sq. foot each, saving money and backache. The blocks shipped directly to the customer's home on a single pallet and were installed quickly after the base had been properly prepared. 

envirowall retaining wall block for backyard diy tiered wall system erosion control

A mix of drought tolerant sedums, wormwood, and hot lips were planted. Next spring, they will be planting English Ivy for even better coverage! Planting perennial ground cover & grasses allows your wall to grow back each season. These living walls sequester carbon from the air and alleviate static moisture that sits behind traditional concrete blocks. 

envirowall retaining wall block for tiered backyard wall to solve erosion and runoff issues  vegetated envirowall living plantable retaining wall block system. DIY backyard wall installation.