EnviroWall Block Calculator

How Many Blocks Do I Need?

Determining the quantity of EnviroWall™ Retaining Wall Blocks that you will need for your project is simple - each block covers 1 square foot! Use our block calculating tool below:

Calculating Retaining Wall Block Quantities


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Breakdown of Block Calculation:

Simply take your project length and multiply it by the height. But, there is an additional step to remember, as the first row of blocks is typically completely buried. If that case applies to you, be sure to add another row (wall length) on to your total. Here is an example below:

Project Height (ft)*  4 feet tall
Project Length (ft) 88 feet long

*5ft and Under Recommended for Wall Height. Over 5' tall, inquire for recommendation. 

4'Tall x 88'Long = 352sf OR 352 EnviroWall™ Blocks
*If Burying Bottom Layer: ADD Row Length*
352 Blocks + 88' Long = 440sf or 440 EnviroWall™ Blocks

EnviroWall Retaining Wall Blocks Layered with Loose Media