Terraced Slope Constructed with Living Retaining Wall Block System

EnviroWall Living Vertical Wall Blocks were used to enable a terracing of the eroded sloped area at the University of Maryland. The slope had eroded over time and had become unsafe for students that cut through the area. The goal was to make the slope simple to manage, reducing the need to mow, but also creating more greenspace and habitat in order to cool the urban heat buildup caused from the adjacent campus buildings. The EnviroWall living retaining wall blocks were  installed into the steep, hilly landscape to create a stair-step pattern in order to provide erosion control benefits to the natural landscape. The plant roots grow through the holes in the blocks to provide even more stability to the system. 

Approximately 300 square feet or 300 EnviroWall Blocks were used to construct the terraced slope. 

Before                                                 After

Retaining Wall Blocks