Lush Living Walls | Wedding and Event Venue

EnviroWall Living Retaining Wall Blocks were used within the construction of a wedding and event venue in Southern California. The area, once a parking lot, was repurposed in order to create a visually appealing, yet functional living retaining wall system throughout the property. All of the walls within the property featured both inside and outside curves with heights varying from 3' to 5' tall. The walls were vegetated using a compost sock in order to support the planted with a huge variety of tropical plants and succulents appropriate to the Southern California climate and that would visually appeal to the clientele for pictures and overall lush grounds. The beautiful wall now serves as a barrier to erosion as well as an aesthetic feature to the facility.


1,000 EnviroWall Blocks were used to construct walls throughout the property that ranged from 3' to 5' tall. This provided up to 1,000 square feet of living wall space. 


Living Wall Vertical Garden Retaining Wall Block with Lush Vegetation Living Wall | Vertical Garden Retaining Wall Block Lush Vegetation  Living Wall and Vertical Garden Retaining Wall Block Living Wall Constructed with Retaining Wall Blocks