Living Wall to Provide Erosion Control for Embankment

EnviroWall Blocks were used to provide erosion control and stability to an embankment cut out that will be used as an access drive. The living wall gradually increases in height, starting at 1' tall on the west end and was built up to 5' tall at the 90 degree turn on the east end. A majority of the living wall was planted with small sedum kamchatikum plugs. The taller end of the wall was planted with native grass seed. Both strategies of planting the native vegetation yielded perennial coverage of the wall face. This provided added benefits of urban cooling, runoff water capture and treatment along with providing a habitat for native pollinators. If you look closely, you will see a beautiful butterfly enjoying the living retaining wall. 

500 EnviroWall Blocks were used to construct the gradually increasing wall which covered a total of 500 square feet of wall face.