Living Walls and Their Soil Retention Benefits | EnviroWall Block

EnviroWall blocks allow for construction of a structural retaining wall with the added benefits of vegetative support and ease of installation.

Homeowners and commercial landowners alike often face erosion challenges, especially when sharp grade changes are involved. Conventional retaining wall systems provide structural support and soil retention for flood control, wind, and water erosion prevention. EnviroWall provides all of the benefits of the conventional retaining wall system, but with a more environmentally-friendly and visually appealing approach. 

The lightweight blocks are able to be stacked in successive rows, and then vegetated to provide a green solution for an attractive focal point for backyards to industrial spaces. EnviroWall works with the natural landscape- hills, mounds, terraced slopes, etc. - to provide a solution that is both functional and aesthetic. 

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